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Irons, Ironing Mats & Ironing Aids

18" Strip Stick
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Price: $10.79 per each

Applique Pressing Sheet
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This double-sided sheet is made from a ultra high temperature fabric and is coated with non-stick Polylon. Instructions for its multi-uses and a free applique pattern are included. 13in x 17in

Price: $14.99 each

By Annie's Stiletto & Pressing Tool
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Price: $19.95 per each

Finger Presser
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This little tool is the perfect lightweight, portable iron.

Price: $3.39 each

First Class Travel Iron
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Price: $50.00 per each

June Tailor Cut N Press Mat 12 x 18
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Price: $53.79 per each

Mighty Travel Iron
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Price: $33.99 per each

Mini Strip Stick
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Price: $8.79 per each

Misting Bottle
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Continuous spray misting bottle.

Price: $12.99 per each

Steady Betty 15 x 24
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Price: $58.00 per each

The Gypsy Quilter Felted Wool Pressing Mat 8.5" x 8.5"
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Price: $19.99 per each

Wool Ironing Mat - 9" x 9"
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Price: $18.99 per each

Wooly Felt Iron Mat 17" x 17"
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Price: $60.00 per each

Wooly Felt Iron Mat 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
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Price: $20.00 per each