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Rulers, Measuring aids & Tools

Leaves Galore Template - Norme (medium)
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Price: $23.95 per each

Leaves Galore Template - Petite (small)
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Price: $21.95 per each

Lil Crumbler Template
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Price: $12.50 per each

Lip Edge Ruler 5 x 24
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Price: $16.35 per each

Marti Michell Small 60 Degree Ruler
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Price: $14.98 per each

Midi Twister
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Easy pinwheel tool package with tool, instructions, and pattern for a table topper. Starts with 6.5 inch squares.

Price: $14.95 each

Mini Tumbler Template for 2 1/2" Mini Charm Pack
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Price: $3.95 per each

No-Hassles Triangles Gauge
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Cut, mark, and stitch 1/2 square or 1/4 square triangles without ever cutting a triangle or guessing at the size.

Price: $17.50 each

O Lipfa Safety Shield for Rulers
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Price: $8.99 per each

O'Lipfa Lip Edge Ruler 4" x 36"
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Price: $19.69 per each

Perfect Piecing Seam Guide
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Price: $6.00 per each

Prairie Point Guide Quilt Stencil
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3in Prairie Point Guide Cut strips twice the width of prairie point stencil selected by whatever length you want. Mark on solid lines and broken lines. Move stencil, line up with previous marked lines and continue marking along length of fabric.

Price: $4.69 per each

Quick Curve Ruler - Mini
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Price: $19.00 per each

Quick Quarter template - 12"
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from Quilter's Rule

Price: $4.40 each

Quilt Country Postcard Ruler
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A lime green lucite ruler that can be used to trim fabric postcards to regulation size! It's also useful in fussy cutting the fabric at the start of the process!

Price: $3.50 each
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